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 Winter hardy varities

Winter-hardy passion flowers are destined to be garden plants. They are frost-resistant, provided that a number of key requirements are observed: In order to get through winter without any trouble these passion flowers require a highly permeable soil. Therefore, make sure you add some shards, gravel or stone chips in the planting hole. This allows any excess rain water to seep away, keeping the passion flowers' roots out of wet soil.
It is important to know that during harsh winters all visible parts of the plant die off. The main root however will survive, allowing the plant to grow back in spring or summer. The various winter-hardy passion flowers also have some interesting home and kitchen applications.

 Passiflora Caerulea

“the blue passion flower” This is the best known and most widely distributed passion flower. It takes shape all summer long with an abundance of blue-white flowers. During late summer and autumn the plant yields a great deal of orange fruit, which is edible.

 Passiflora Incarnata

The leaves of the passion flower Passiflora incarnata are utilized in phytotherapy as a soothing and sleeping agent. The flowers contain substances which have an effect comparable to that of Valerian but without the addicting side-effect. They are effective against insomnia, nervousness, nervous heart complaints, muscle cramps and as pain killers for many ailments. See trivia.

 Passiflora Maxima

This passion flower blossoms with blue sweetly scented flowers. Cross-pollination (pollination with another passion flower) causes this variety to yield fruit which is edible.

 Passiflora Avalanche

This is a richly flowering passion flower with completely white flowers. In autumn this passion flower yields an abundance of orange fruit which is edible.

 Passiflora Pierre Pomie

This passion flower grows attractive white-pinkish flowers. In the garden it is best placed in half shade.

 Passiflora Ely

This passion flower yields lilac flowers.