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 Tropical varities

Tropical passion flowers cannot endure the cold. The minimum temperature for these varieties is 10°C.

These passion flowers are best kept indoors, in a brightly-lit spot by the window, allowing them to continue blossoming all summer long. Ideally tropical varieties are placed in a veranda, greenhouse or patio, extending their blossoming period deep into autumn. The major advantage these tropical passion flowers have is their richly varied range of colour.

 Passiflora Aurantia

“the orange passion flower”

This variety has a brightly-coloured pink, orange or red flower. It grows prodigiously..

 Passifora Citrina

“the citrus-yellow passion flower”

This is one of the few varieties bearing yellow blossoms. Although it is a small plant it will yield a great many bright yellow flowers from May until June.

 Passiflora Lady Margaret

“the red passion flower”

This is a strong plant which blossoms from May until October, yielding deep red flowers.

 Passiflora Edulis Fredricki

This passion flower bears whitish-lilac flowers, which diffuse a delicious scent to boot. The passiflora Edulis is the most widely bred passion flower for its fruit. After all, Edulis is Latin for edible. The fruit is 15 to 20 cm across and is green with tiny white specks. The fruit tastes sweet and tangy, and has orange fruit flesh. The plant is widely grown in Africa for its fruit, which is then sold on the local market under the name maracuja. In South-America the fruit bears the local name granadinna. It is an easy plant to grow, and can be readily kept in a room or greenhouse.