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  Non-winter-hardy varieties

The category name "Non-winter-hardy varieties" explains it all: these are passion flowers which are not resistant to normal winters with freezing temperatures. They will only subsist at minimal temperatures of between 0° and 5°C.

These passion flowers also yield magnificent flowers starting in March until November. They also shine both on the terrace or in a shielded spot in the garden. These plants are best kept in a frost-free plant house, patio, veranda, winter garden, ... to be brought back to the terrace or balcony in late spring or in the summer.

 Passiflora Amethyst

This richly flowering passion flower yields blue-purplish blossoms.

 Passiflora Sapphire

This passion flower has a decorative and striking blue-whitish flower.

 Passiflora X Violacea

This is the oldest registered passion flower breed. It yields striking brown-reddish flowers.

 Passiflora Star of Clevedon

This is a richly flowering passion flower yielding blue-whitish flowers.