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Welcome Mix of Passion:

A colourful range of passion flowers, selected for their flowering riches.

This makes Mix of Passion a consumer-friendly range of passion flowers with magnificent flowers starting in early spring, all through summer, until late in autumn. Each passion flower from Mix of Passion has a label bearing the photo, the appropriate name and the requisite maintenance tips.

There are some 500 different varieties of passion flowers worldwide.
Their natural area of distribution lies chiefly in Central and South America, and they grow both in lowlands and in more elevated areas (up to 3,000 metres of altitude). This is why passion flowers exist which are more or less resistant to frost. This is also why our varieties are subdivided into winter-hardy, non-winter-hardy varieties and tropical varieties.

Any amateur of passion flowers will find the ideal plant to his or her liking here!

We wish you a lot of fun with your passion flower!